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    13mm BWII – 30 meters – CLEARANCE

    USD $ 112.82 USD $ 74.46
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    Basic Multiplier Kit

    USD $ 30.09 USD $ 22.56
    Add additional mechanical advance to your pulley set, with the basic multiplier kit.  Lightweight, easy to use, a friend to help when rigging solo. Kit includes:
    • 1 x 11" Sewn Prusik Loop or 1 x 20" Sewn Prusik Loop
    • 1 x Oval Aluminum Beaner
    • 1 x Single Pulley
  • BC Wafer Grip

    USD $ 94.02
    Introducing the all new BC Wafer, a right-sized webbing grip device. With the Wafer, you can easily grab on to your slackline webbing without the need for a heavy gripping device. Make tensioning your lines a breeze by grabbing on to the webbing with the Wafer. Great for soft pointing lines, tensioning with the Buckingham method, or simple use the Wafer to attach things to your line! Super small, ergonomical, and easy to use, the BC Wafer is the ideal webbing grip device for your gear bag.
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    USD $ 25.57 USD $ 21.06
    The Boa is a high volume carabiner with a large gate opening and extended top bar, making it easy to clip to any anchor, thick ropes or slings.  Auto-locking and big enough to allow multiple attachments. Its asymmetric shape sits naturally in the hand for easy handling, and I-Beam construction means that despite its large size, the Boa is still relatively light.  Ideal carabiner for a personal anchor system.
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    CM 5/8″ Shackle

    USD $ 16.55 USD $ 14.29
    The CM 5/8" Shackle is ultra strong with a work load limit of 4 1/2 Tons.  The powder coated finish is smooth to prevent any abrasion to webbing or anchor ropes.  Strong, Smooth and looks great, one of the best 5/8" shackles available
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    DMM Oval

    USD $ 10.53 USD $ 7.52
  • The DMM Anchor Rings are forged aluminum making them lightweight, strong and seamless.  Strong enough to trust your life, wide enough to easily accommodate a double wrap in a line locker combination, light enough to hike up a mountain and durable enough to last.
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    USD $ 22.56
    The DMM Klettersteig features a very wide gate opening of 26mm, that combines with its extended top bar and high internal volume to give ease of use with thick webbing and ropes. These characteristics also make it easy to use while wearing gloves. High major and minor axis strengths give appropriate safety margins for rescue and heavy duty applications.  The Auto-locking ANSI Kwiklock provides an easy to use, extremely strong and versatile carabiner.
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    Klettersteig Steel Locksafe

    USD $ 29.33 USD $ 24.07
    The Klettersteig is a high volume, 45kN super-strong connector with a triple action auto-locking gate making it ideal for rigging scenarios.
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    Micro Pulley Kit & Emergency Rescue

    USD $ 134.63 USD $ 112.82
    Tactical Mini-Haul System is a great solution to many problems. Works for a multitude of applications from tensioning your slackline to rescuing an injured companion. The rope is a tactical black 8mm Escape rope, a strong, low stretch rope. Working length is 10 feet.  Rope bag while quantities last Pulley Kit Includes Rope: - 30ft x 8mm Escape Rope - Black -11mm Prusik Loop Hardware Incorporates: -1 6mm stainless steel quick link -2 black double sheave BlueWater mini pulleys [1 with becket] -2 Oval carabiners MBS: 24 kN
  • Pure Loop

    USD $ 30.09
    The all Aluminum 25kN closed rings are exceptionally light without any sacrifice on strength.  It is recommended to always use 2 rings when using as a highline leash.    Rings sold as a set Ring Details
    • Minimum Breaking Strength: 25kN MBS (doubled up 50kN)
    • Diameter: 60mm inner diameter
    • Weights: 50g
  • Steel Auto-Locking Static Locker

    From: USD $ 22.56 USD $ 18.80
    This all black steel static line locker is the ultimate in static line lockers.   Using a toothless, 30kN, triple auto-locking steel oval beaner and two forged rings, this static line locker is not only easy to use but beautiful to look at, and extremely strong. The Oval autolocking toothless design makes it easy to clip and unclip and helps to reduce the risk of damage to your webbing.   The oval carabiner fits perfectly on the end of any pulley set. Select the forged ring that suits your slackline needs.
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    Black Steel Oval 30kN triple locker

    USD $ 22.56 USD $ 18.80
    The CARB-STEEL Black Oval 30kN triple locker is the ideal carabiner for slacklining.   Extremely strong, exceptionally easy to use, auto-locking and most importantly toothless!  And how good do they look! The Oval autolocking toothless design makes it easy to clip and unclip and helps to reduce the risk of damage to your webbing. They are perfect for use as connections in your pulleys, anchors bolts, rope backups or in combination with steel rings for a line locker. Feel safe! Go Big! Make your rig BOMBER with these beautiful steel carabiners!
  • Purelock

    USD $ 119.59
    The Purelock takes the weblock to a whole new level. Combining a shackle and a weblock in one unit reduces weight and maintains all the strength. Extremely light weight and amazingly strong, the Purelock is perfect for a backyard setup to a lion-sized alpine project and everything in between. purelock-connections_4cd70fe4-a4ce-4282-8859-33102ed8deb6 It's easy to fit a PureLock in your style of rigging. Whether it be slings, spansets, rope anchors, pulleys or a soft-release.
  • Bolt-Pin (safety) Line Lockers

    USD $ 38.36 USD $ 36.86
    The Bolt-Pin Safety line locker is smooth, easy to use and an excellent choice for slacklining in the park, or hundreds of meters in the air.   The large diameter rings easily allow either the single and double wrap locker.   The bolt-pin safety shackle is an excellent static locker and with the safety pin, it can be trusted to stay closed.  Extremely strong and safe, the 3 1/4 T WLL bolt-pin safety shackle (32kN) and 2 x 34mm 30kN MBS DMM rings make the ideal static end for a highline that may be difficult to access and inspect. 
  • BOMBER!  These 44kn, ultra strong 3" rings are big, strong and perfect for a leash ring, spacenet or spaceline anchor point.   All I can say is bomber!
    • Ultra Strong
    • Minimum tensile Strengths: 44kn (10000lbs)
    • Inner diameter: 3"
    • Recommended usage: use a single ring for when used as a highline leash;   Use as a single ring for spacenet/spaceline anchor point
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    Build A Line Locker

    USD $ 6.02 USD $ 18.80
  • CM 4 1/2 T Line Locker

    USD $ 45.13 USD $ 42.87
    The CM 4 1/2 T (44kN) powder coated shackles in combination with the 2 x 30kN MBS DMM rings is slick!   Everything is extremely smooth and perfect for slacklining in the park or hundreds of meters in the air.  The first rule is looking good, and this line locker is beautiful!   The large diameter rings easily allow either the single and double wrap locker.   The screw pin shackle style is easy to use and the CM shackle is the strongest steel shackle sold by SlacklifeBC.  
  • Screw-Pin Shackle Line Locker

    USD $ 21.81 USD $ 20.31
    The screw pin line locker is a simple, safe, strong and affordable.    A great choice for slacklining in the park or hundreds of meters in the air.   The large diameter rings easily allow for both single and double wrap locker.  
  • Drop-forged Steel Rings are guaranteed strong making them ideal for many uses.The small rings are ideal for static line lockers when used with a wider steel carabiner such as the Black CARB Steal Auto-Locker.   Wide enough to fit 1" webbing with a sleeve.
    • Minimum tensile Strengths: 22kn (5500lbs)
    • Inner diameter: 1 1/2"
  • Sale!
    The bolt type (safety) shackle with safety pin is the ultimate slackline shackle.  Load Rated Screw Pin Anchor (SBA) Shackles are hot dipped galvanized and meet or exceeds US Fed Spec RRC-271 Type IVA Class 2 Grade A.
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    3/8 Quicklink

    USD $ 3.01 USD $ 2.48
    Quicklinks are a simple, affordable connector that can be used for many purposes in Slacklining, Highlining and Rope access.  Connect to anchor points, attach gear, build pulleys, connect slings and the list goes on.   A bag of Quicklinks always comes in handy!
  • Basic Line Locker

    USD $ 24.82 USD $ 21.81
    The Basic line locker is a simple method to statically lock off 1" webbing and includes an oval carabiner and a closed ring.  It is not recommended for this line locker to be used for highlining.  
  • Highline Leash Rings

    USD $ 16.55 USD $ 33.85
    Threaded Highline Leashes are the standard leash used on highlines around the world.   Build from 9.9mm dynamic climbing rope threaded through tubular webbing, SlacklifeBC threaded leash kits will keep you safe fall after fall without question.   Light, durable, smooth and easy to climb trust in SlacklifeBC threaded leashes!
  • Double Pulley

    USD $ 21.81
    This Double Pulley with Becket accommodates ropes up to 8mm in diameter and has a max load rating of 24 kN. Aluminum side plates. 6mm 304 Stainless steel axle pin. High Impact Nylon pulley sheave. Available in black only.  Made by Bluewater Ropes
  • Sale!
    The Profraft 5/8" 3.25T Screw Pin shackles are a great, affordable, all around industrial shackle.  The screw pin is the most common type of shackle due to its ease of use but does have some disadvantages to the bolt style shackle.  Load Rated Screw Pin Anchor (SPA) Shackles are hot dipped galvanized and meet or exceeds US Fed Spec RRC-271 Type IVA Class 2 Grade A.   NOTE