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  • The screw pin line locker is a simple, safe, strong and affordable.    A great choice for slacklining in the park or hundreds of meters in the air.   The large diameter rings easily allow for both single and double wrap locker.  
  • Build A Line Locker

    USD $ 10.90 USD $ 27.61
  • Basic Line Locker

    USD $ 24.70
    The Basic line locker is a simple method to statically lock off 1" webbing and includes an oval carabiner and a closed ring.  It is not recommended for this line locker to be used for highlining.  
  • The CM 4 1/2 T (44kN) powder coated shackles in combination with the 2 x 30kN MBS DMM rings is slick!   Everything is extremely smooth and perfect for slacklining in the park or hundreds of meters in the air.  The first rule is looking good, and this line locker is beautiful!   The large diameter rings easily allow either the single and double wrap locker.   The screw pin shackle style is easy to use and the CM shackle is the strongest steel shackle sold by SlacklifeBC.  
  • This all black steel static line locker is the ultimate in static line lockers.   Using a toothless, 30kN, triple auto-locking steel oval beaner and two forged rings, this static line locker is not only easy to use but beautiful to look at, and extremely strong. The Oval autolocking toothless design makes it easy to clip and unclip and helps to reduce the risk of damage to your webbing.   The oval carabiner fits perfectly on the end of any pulley set. Select the forged ring that suits your slackline needs.
  • Alpine Weblock 5

    USD $ 134.42

    The Alpine Weblock 5.0 (AWL 5.0) is the newest in a long line of amazing weblocks from Balance Community.   Designed for the modern highline with low tensions and minimum tensioning equipment, the Alpine Weblock 5.0 makes rigging easier and safer.   The new design is extremely lightweight without any compromise in strength.   Easy to pre-tension, built-in anti-slippage features as well as the ability to use a soft-release direct, the Alpine Weblock 5.0 is the future of line lockers.