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Tantalus (m) > Pre-order Sale 10% OFF

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It’s time to smile and share the happiness because Tantalus polyester webbing is here. This webbing weave has been developed to provide an unforgettable slackline experience in any scenario.

Sold by the meter.


Add loops to your webbing

Sewn Loops

Add two beautiful and extremely useful sewn loops to one end of your webbing.  Loops make rigging easy.  Simply clip off with any properly rated connector.


Sewn Loops Both Ends

Add two beautiful and extremely useful sewn loops to both the ends of your webbing.  Loops on both ends are ideal for webbing intended for highlining.  


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It’s time to smile and share the happiness because Tantalus polyester webbing is here. This webbing weave has been developed to provide an unforgettable slackline experience in any scenario. No more bad feelings about catching, sharp edges or bruises. Even better, this webbing has been rated as the “red carpet” of all webbing. The softness and beautiful light feeling make you want to stay on the line forever.  

Designed and manufactured 100% in Canada, continuous lengths of over 1000 meter are now available. The stuff, dreams are made of.

Sold by the meter.

  • Color: Red and Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 35.14KN (7900lbs)
  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 7.03KN (1580lbs)
  • Webbing Weight: 53 g/m
  • Stretch: 2-6%

Additional information

Weight 0.016 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm

10 reviews for Tantalus (m) > Pre-order Sale 10% OFF

  1. Uniboblas

    My first ever steps on a slackline were on the Tantalus and soon after I had my very own roll of this webbing!

    It is fantastic, has a great smooth feeling under my feet, especially with those nice round edges. I find it also has a great grip and really enjoy practising on it, it’s really comfortable and fun.

    As a beginner I highly recommend it (and I’ve also heard a few pros gush over it). Looking forward to getting it more and more under control 🙂

    Thanks SlackLifeBC!

  2. lecodemeister

    The Tantalus webbing is such a pleasure to slack on! Weather its a Highline, longlining in the park or rodeo.. this webbing is great for everything. Awesome bi-pattern color with soft round white edges makes is stand out against any backdrop. Super stable under the foot and if you’ve got it rigged on a line you’re projecting its very nice to take line catches on (not sharp). Also I have seen this stuff take some serious abuse and i must say its a tough webbing, sure to stand the test of time!

  3. crazypaver

    Awesome stuff! Enough stretch to give it a bouncy, nylon like feel to walk, while still being light and controllable. It feels soft under foot, and is nice and gentle to catch at low tensions. Lovely to highline on, lots of love for this webbing!

  4. slackmonkey

    My first longline kit. Bought 75m piece, and it feels amazing at lower tensions. Hand tension, 50+ meter lines are possible with raised anchors! Super soft. Love it.

  5. jkazanova

    Felt great to get this under my feet, have been slacking and highlining on a few types of webbing now and the new Tantalus was definitely one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had.

    Very light and soft to touch. Excellent for barefoot walking!

  6. Hiko

    What an amazing webbing. The latest webbing is very light and stable under tension. It”s soft edges for your feet or catching the line. You can detect twist the line easily.

  7. Maurie (verified owner)

    Wow! My fist 1″ webbing and I love it! Super nice to walk on at a variety of tensions. Can be playful yet is easy to control. Felt great as a highline too!! Can’t wait to go for another walk.

  8. Daniel (verified owner)

    I walked Tantalus this afternoon..sent ~193 feet twice in a row before having to leave after 3 falls….I love aero because it was my first 1-inch line but aero is rough and it will cut you up. Tantalus is almost like walking on a carpet. Great work SlacklifeBC!

  9. Rod (verified owner)

    I love this webbing! I bought more than I can currently send at the moment but after todays sesh, I know I’ll easily send the 240m in the park with this incredible line. Ultimately my goal is to keep it taped for a highline. This line is not only comfortable on the feet but its attitude has been easy to walk on no matter what tension it’s at. This is the first line where I felt the most grounded with. Love it.
    More people need to experience this sweet sexy Canadian webbing.

  10. Jacob (verified owner)

    This line is so soft!!! While some people really like having pillowed edges, this line is just pillow everything! Super nice for anyone who walks barefoot or for catching. I have rigged it in the park several times now and while it definitely isn’t the easiest webbing to walk, that trophy is still held by the high tech webbings, it’s a very enjoyable webbing to walk. It has a bit more side to side movement than mantra has but I also find it to be a bit more bouncy despite being low stretch like mantra is as well. This line does tend to have points where it gets pretty hard to walk and control at tension but I find either just putting a bounce into the line or walking through the difficult part tends to fix that and none of those points are much different than many other webbings. Either way, if you are looking for a low stretch webbing that feels like walking on the the carpet leading into a room full of adorable puppies or whatever you want that room to be filled with, idk do you thing, than this is the webbing for you!

    Also just got to give a shout out to the whole SlacklifeBC crew for being a good company as well. I purchased this webbing about a week before they lowered the price and with no hassle at all they sent me back the difference so I really appreciate that! Thank you! Eh!!

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