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Kimberly Weglin

SlacklifeBC Athlete & Ambassador 


Hi, I’m Kim, and I’m terrified of heights. Or at least I used to be when I started in this sport two and a half years ago. The first year of my highlining career was rough. I did nothing but fall and have panic attacks, over and over and over again. While some people are naturals, I was not, and I’ve had to work my butt off for every single step along the way.

It seems stupid that I would continually subject myself to a sport that filled me with such constant anxiety and stress. A sport where I would often come home feeling like a failure, questioning my motivations, and wondering if I would ever be able to walk a highline. Yet I continued to try, even when it wasn’t fun anymore, because it was also a sport that made me feel superhuman and confident. Going out there and conquering your fears everyday? That’s badass.

It challenged me in a way that nothing ever had before, and that challenge very quickly became an addiction.  I figured if something scares me THAT much, that is exactly why I should pursue it.  I don’t want anything to hold me back in life, and I especially don’t want to miss out on amazing opportunities and lifelong memories simply because I am too scared to try.  

These days, my skills on the highline have progressed immensely, but I’m more stoked that I am finally having fun and enjoying every moment of my time out there. It’s funny how scared I used to be of heights, now I find myself aching to be up high. One of the biggest turning points in my journey was when I stopped looking at the exposure as scary, and started seeing it as beautiful.

I currently live in Lodi, California, which is located only a few hours from Yosemite National Park, the Mecca of highlining. I’m extremely grateful to be able to spend the majority of my weekends training in one of the most stunningly exposed places on the planet, one that is so
significant to our sport. Not only have I gotten the chance to highline on all of the most classic lines in Yosemite, but I’ve also gotten to help establish several really incredible lines throughout the Valley over the past few years like Vernal Falls 420′, Rostrum 537′, and Taft 960′, among others. I absolutely love being a part of hard projects where success is not a given. Projects where you and your teammates are going to have to suffer if you want to turn your dreams into reality.

Besides Yosemite, I’ve traveled all over California, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Switzerland, Austria, and Poland this past year in the pursuit of highline adventures, and I hope to go to even more countries next year to establish new, BIG, epic lines. Now that I’m on the SlacklifeBC team, I cannot wait to #getinvolved and see what crazy projects and long, saggy lines this next year brings all of us! I am so ecstatic to call SlacklifeBc my new home, my new team, and my new family! #TakingOverNorthAmerica

If you would like to follow along on my adventures, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram contact me using the form below.

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