Looking back at 2012, the first year a group of childhood friends from Ontario all found themselves living on Canada’a West coast.  Spending our weekends slowly exploring all that BC has to offer and filming as we went.

Starting the year off in true Canadian fashion, you could find us spending our days snowboarding fresh powder either up in Whistler or just in the backyard north shore mountains.

As spring approached we started to transition more into Climbing, being sure to jump back in the snow when we could.  Practicing our multi pitch trad climbing on the Squamish Chief apron, we put up ascents on many of the popular established routes as well as some muddy, mossy, not so popular routes.  Climbing the Squamish Chief, from parking lot to summit was a long, sometimes scary but amazing adventure and a goal we set and worked towards accomplishing.

After watching the “Sketchy Andy” video at the Reel Rock tour in May of 2012, Spencer really started pushing slacklining.  Slacklining and highlining soon became a common past time.  From setting up the line at the beach, to some first highlines over canyons in the north shore, more and more of what we did involved slacklining.

After having looked through all the videos we collected over one year, we decided to put it all together into get a year in review highlight reel.  While going through this footage, we began to talk about SlackLifeBC.

With big adventures and goals in the plans and our dreams, SlackLifeBC was formed to combine our efforts and share our adventures.  This video is the first SlackLifeBC highlight reel and can be called SlackLifeBC’s first video.