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New World Record – Mia Noblet

How Can a High Liner Overcome the Fear? – Mia Noblet

Highlining is slacklining at elevation above the ground or water, it might be the pinnacle of slacklining and the most breathtaking sport to face fear directly. In order to slackline between two mountains, Mia Noblet [...]

Mia and Fredie 190m Project

A little 2 day mission with Friedi K├╝hne. Alpine 190m highline. It's amazing what you can get done with a team of just two people and tons of stoke! This line was a challenge to [...]

Olympus Line – 150m Urban Highline in Munich

The "Olympus" line. 150m urban highline in Munich, Germany at the Olympic stadium. Rigging you could feel the towers moving in the wind. Walking the line felt very exposed with the towers leaning at an [...]

How Not To Free Solo

Here are 4 interviews with the 4 free solo world record holders all telling us how NOT to free solo! Thank you Spencer Seabrooke, Friedi Kuhne, Andy Lewis, and Faith Dickey for sharing.  The video [...]

Dan Osman Rope Jump Tribute with an Alex Honnold Spoof!

Dan Osman has inspired many with his climbing and his rope jumping. Alex Honnold did a tribute to the late Dan Osman by repeating a speed free solo. I am paying tribute to Dan by [...]

Highline Rigging Example – Iceland Part 5 of 5 – Esja

We established 5 highlines in iceland in a week. Check out all 5 episodes where we explain how we did each one! This 5th line was on a pile of small rocks. BUY TSHIRTS AT [...]

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