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Bomber Soft Shackle Break Test

Soft shackles are amazingly light and exceptionally strong.  It is truly amazing how strong a small piece of rope can be. Hypothesis: Soft Shackle made from 3/8" Amsteel with a button knot should break [...]

Do you double wrap?

There a many different ways to secure your slackline webbing.  A common method is to use a static lock created by passing a bite of webbing through a closed loop and securing it.  For [...]

How strong is damaged webbing?

Slackline webbing can be damaged from any number of ways.  It is important to understand the impact that damage may have the strength of the webbing.  Does one cut thread cause the webbing to [...]

How to learn anything – Slackline Yoyo

I've always wanted to learn how to slackline, but think doing that by itself is boring. So, I tried to do some yo-yo tricks while slacklining over a massive cavern, 50 feet in the air. [...]

How To – Sewn Loops

Sewn loops on the end of your slackline webbing can make rigging the static side nice and easy.  Simply attach the main loop to your rated anchor using a rated connection, clip off [...]

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