Choose from a variety of slackline line lockers including weblocks and static line lockers. Choose from a variety of combinations to fit your slackline needs

Choose from shackles of different styles and manufacturer.  Soft shackles, bolt pin shackles, powder coated shackles and more.  Find the shackle that fits your rigging needs

Choose from a selection of aluminum and steel locking and non-locking carabiners in a variety of styles.  Find the carabiner that fits your rigging needs. 

Choose from forged steel and aluminum rings in a range of size.  Where you are looking for rings to construct a line locker, or leash rings to save your life.  SlacklifeBC has offers a wide assortment of rated rings.

Quicklinks are affordable, reliable connectors that are ideal for connecting to bolt hangers or in other setups that do not require adjustment.

Find everything you need to tension your slackline.  From pulley sets, to soft release and line grips.  Stop struggling to get your light right, get the right gear!