Bomber Soft Shackle Break Test

Bomber Soft Shackle Break Test

Soft shackles are amazingly light and exceptionally strong.  It is truly amazing how strong a small piece of rope can be.


Soft Shackle made from 3/8″ Amsteel with a button knot should break at roughly 100kN. 


  • 1 x Soft Shackle
  • Certified Break Test Machine


Break test Method – Secure the soft shackle to be tested using.  A constantly increasing force will be applied at roughly 10,000 lbs/minute until the webbing fails.

 Data Collection:



Test Results

Test 1 – 3/8″ Soft Shackle  99.6 kN (22,400 lbs)




The break test went exactly as expected.  The soft shackle broke at 99kN, almost exactly at the expected breaking strength of roughly 145% of the Amsteel MBS.  The break occurred in the eye and left one end fused to the other which was likely caused by the intense heat of the break test and the extreme loads.



The strength of soft shackles made of 3/8″ Amsteel so far exceeds any forces that would be applied during slacklining and given the weight, why not use something this strong.  Soft shackles are amazing tools, lightweight, extremely strong and very versatile.  A must-have in any slackers gearbox.

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