2nd Annual Assault On the Chief – Squamish highline festival

Building from the first annual Assault on The Chief, Squamish highline festival, 2014 promised to be bigger and badder with people from all around the world.

The weekend was a huge success with people traveling from Calgary, Montreal, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Texas.  With 5 lines rigged across the North and North-North gullies, there were lines for people of all skills.

The days were spent crushing the lines high on the chief while the evenings we gathered around a fire in a group camping location, sharing stories over cold beers.

The Squamish Chief News joined the group for the weekend and wrote a great article about the gathering (http://www.squamishchief.com/lifestyles/walk-the-line-1.1321176)

Special thank you to Christian Lavery for putting together the video from the weekend

Thanks everyone who came out and help make this event so amazing!

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