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Come Test your skills or just watch slackliners from around the world as they walk over 200 meters in the air, across the many highlines setup atop the magnificent Squamish Chief



The Chief, Squamish BC


August 14 - 16, 2015

9am – late

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Assault On The Chief Festival Details

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General Information

The 3rd Annual Assault On the Chief highline festival gathering, centered around the family friendly Squamish Uprising Festival will take place on Friday August 14 – Sunday August 16.

The action packed weekend will kickoff at the base and atop The Chief at 9am.  The highlining can be found in the North Gully and North North Gully between peak 2 and peak 3 (see below for approach details). 

On Saturday, don’t forget to checkout the Yoga and Rocking events also taking place at the base.  There are several beginner slacklines installed at the start of the trail for people of all ages to try.   Come get inspired, and then start your practicing before heading home.

The highlines  will be rigged Friday through Sunday, with the Squamish Uprising festival taking place on Saturday August 15.  Join us Friday evening atop The Chief for a sunset yoga class and highline demonstration.

IMPORTANT: Please be respectful to this beautiful place.  Clean up after yourself and help ensure it remains as beautiful and free for everyone.  There is also a fire ban in effect.  Absolutely NO FIRES permited!

An official permit was not granted for this festival.  The event is a gathering of individual highliners who are rigging and attempting to walk the highlines using proper safety equipment and procedures.  Each individual is responsible for their own safety – SlacklifeBC assumes no liability for this event

Friday, August 14
  • 8:30am – Parking Lot – General Meetup
  • 9:00am – 9:00pm – Rage!
  • 8:30pm – Peak 2 – Sunset Yoga and highline demonstrations
Saturday, August 15
  • 8:30am – Parking Lot – General Meetup
  • 9am – Event kicks Off
  • Noon – Competitions start – stay tuned for more details
  • 7pm – Trickline + Yoga Stretch + Happy Hour
  • 9pm – Squamish Uprising After Party – The Rudy Duck
Sunday, August 16
  • 8:30am – Parking Lot – General Meetup
  • 9:00am – 9:00pm – Rage!
  • 8:30pm – Start tear down and planning for next year

Coming to walk the highlines or just hangout and enjoy the show?

Join the Assault on the Chief and Squamish Uprising events on facebook for up to date information about both festivals.   Have questions – Post on the event page and we will be sure to reply

Coming to walk the highlines?

Please take a minute to fill out the following questionnaire to help us prepare for the event as well as organize the needed equipment.

Driving from Vancouver

  1. Follow Highway 99 towards Squamish / Whistler (~45min)
  2. Follows signs for the Stawamus Chief (On weekends, come early, it gets busy!)


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Drinking water is available at the base of the Chief hiking trail.  Water is NOT available at the top so pack what you need for the day!

Food & Supplies

Squamish is a small town, but you can likely find anything you need.  Food, clothing, climbing gear, hospital, pharmacy, auto repair etc…

The highlines will all be located in North Gully and North North Gully atop the Squamish Chief between Peak 2 and Peak 3. The gullies can be accessed via several trails starting form the Squamish Chief parking lot

The Chief Trail

Difficulty: Intermediate
Ascent Time: 1-2 hours
Distance: ~11 km (round-trip)
Elevation Gain: 600 meters
Dog Friendly: Yes


During the festival, there will be signs and markers to help direct people to the highlines. The general directions are as follows.

Route 1 – Peak 2 trailScreen Shot 2015-07-07 at 5.59.55 PM

  1. Start at the Squamish Chief Parking lot
  2. Follow signs for the Chief trail
  3. Continue to follow signs for Peak 2 trail (main trail, no turn offs required
  4. Once you reach the top, continue north (following signs for Peak 3)
  5. You will pass right past both gullies

Route 2 – Peak 3 trail

  1. Start at the Squamish Chief Parking lot
  2. Follow signs for the Chief trail
  3. Part way up, after you pass the many sets of wooden stairs, take the trail to the right, following signs for Peak 3 (ATTENTION: There is another trail forking off to the right that heads to the Sea-t0-sky gondola. THIS IS NOT the correct trail.  You will come to this trail first but you need to continue for a few hundred meters on the main Chief trail to find the Peak 3 trail turn off
  4. Continue to follow Peak 3 trail
  5. Continue until you see a sign stating, ‘left’ for Peak 2 and ‘right’ for peak 3.
  6. Turn left for North Gully and right for the North North Gully

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.24.14 AM

SquamishUprisingFor More Information Checkout SquamishUprising.com

The Squamish Uprising event, is a combination of the Highline gathering, a Bouldering Fundraiser and competition as well as Acro Yoga classes.

The Event kicks off at 9:00am, Saturday August 15.  This Family friendly even is a great opportunity to come checkout the magnificent Chief, while enjoying some entertaining slackining, rocking climbing and yoga.

Join the  19+ Squamish Uprising after part at the Rudy Duck located down town Squamish!

Join the 2015 Assault on the Chief and Squamish Uprising events on Facebook

Highlining is a dangerous sport. The Assault On The Chief highline festival is a meet’up of slackliners who are individually rigging and attempting to walk the highlines. SlackLifeBC assumes no liability for the event. Participants assume all liability for the risks and dangers of highlining. It is the responsibility of the individual to inspect the safety equipment and use as intended at all times.

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