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The Itus

2015-04-13T15:16:01+00:00 By |Videos|

"The Itus" - (64m, 300m high) located in the North North gully of the Squamish Chief. This impressive line has many stories of tough battles, [...]

Deez Nuts

2014-12-23T05:51:37+00:00 By |Videos|

"Deez Nuts", 15m long and 200m high, across a notch in the North North Gully of the Squamish Chief.  This epic location is great for [...]

Cabin Dreams I

2014-12-23T05:28:35+00:00 By |Adventures, Featured, Videos|

A short film by Stefan van Mourik and Aaron Butcher starring: Spencer Seabrooke, Aaron Butcher, Xavier Psyche, Samuel Brière, Brent Plumley, Michelle Woodruff Music by: Fever Ray - If I Had [...]