Here is a case study of us rigging our last highline. It doesn’t dive into a lot detail but gives a big picture of how we rig and derig. Please let us know in comments how you want future rigging examples to look.
This line was at Consumnes River Gorge (CRG) in Placerville, CA. This was the 700 foot line 200(ish) meters that Jerry Miszewski broke the world record on (when it was a world record). It was rigged the new feather pro from balance community for the main and backup. We had less than 1000lbf or 4kn on the line (not measured but guessed) on the main line and the backup was taped every 15 feet with an average of a foot of sag between each tape (so less than 0 tension). Sewn loops on static side and Weblock 4.0s on the tension side.
Thank you team: Kim Weglin, Garrison Rowland, Nick Honnold, Tim Hawkins.