North Gully FreeSolo – “Dean’s Line”

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North Gully FreeSolo – “Dean’s Line”

Having previously setup both the “Original North Gully” and “Dean’s Line” over the summer, and having free-soloed the “Original Line” – (, Spencer vowed to return to free-solo “Dean’s Line”.

“Dean’s Line” got its name from legendary highliner, climber Dean Potter, who first free-soloed this line while being featured on National Geographic “The Man Who Can Fly”. Filmed from the same location as some released raw footage of Dean’s free-solo –

SlackLifeBC returned to the North Gully to setup “Dean’s Line” not only to highline but for an epic rope swing –

On October 12, 2013, Spencer Seabrooke was the second person to FREE SOLO “Dean’s Line”, the 100ft Slackline, 900ft high across the the Squamish Chief North Gully.

Video and Editing Credit: Aaron Butcher & Brent Plumley

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