• Add additional mechanical advance to your pulley set, with the basic multiplier kit.  Lightweight, easy to use, a friend to help when rigging solo. Kit includes:
    • 1 x 11" Sewn Prusik Loop or 1 x 20" Sewn Prusik Loop
    • 1 x Oval Aluminum Beaner
    • 1 x Single Pulley
  • BC Snatch Line Grip

    USD $ 108.65
    A unique and versatile slackline webbing grip device with intuitive usage and excellent handling.
      • Extremely Compact - So small, it even fits in your pocket!
      • Lightweight - Just 106 grams of gripping power
      • Efficient and Easy to Use - Functions easily and grips your line efficiently.
      • Made In Russia
  • Tactical Mini-Haul System is a great solution to many problems. Works for a multitude of applications from tensioning your slackline to rescuing an injured companion. The rope is a tactical black 8mm Escape rope, a strong, low stretch rope. Working length is 10 feet.  Rope bag while quantities last Pulley Kit Includes Rope: - 30ft x 8mm Escape Rope - Black -11mm Prusik Loop Hardware Incorporates: -1 6mm stainless steel quick link -2 black double sheave BlueWater mini pulleys [1 with becket] -2 Oval carabiners MBS: 24 kN
  • Single Pulley

    USD $ 17.23
    This Single Pulley is lightweight and excellent as a mechanical advantage multipler.  Accommodates ropes up to 8mm in diameter and has a max load rating of 24 kN, Aluminum side plates, 6mm 304 Stainless steel axle pin, High Impact Nylon pulley sheave. Available in black only. 

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