SlacklifeBC Highline Kits

  • Alpine Lightweight Highline Kit

    From: USD $ 1,594.34
    Go lightweight with the SlacklifeBC Alpine Highline rig. This kit includes the lightest anchor ropes, lightweight pulleys, the lightest weblocks, and soft shackles to reduce your pack weight when hiking into those remote slackline locations.  Lightweight means you can carry more webbing, further, higher, and still have the energy to for your highline experience!  

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  • Basic Highline Kit

    From: USD $ 570.27
    Walk, bounce, and fly with the SlacklifeBC Basic highline Kit.    This kit includes all the rigging needed for a highline setup.  

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  • Higher (Step 4)

    From: USD $ 1,118.71
    Test your skills and your nerves with the "Higher Slackline Kit".  The final level of the SlacklifeBC Progression Plan, the Higher kit is a complete highline including everything you need to rig a highline.  This kit includes and makes use of every piece of equipment from all the previous levels and leaves you prepared for any slacklining situation from walking in the park to flying in the air.  A full slackline kit.  Configure your setup below by choosing your second piece of webbing!

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  • Involved Highline Kit

    From: USD $ 1,261.88
    A complete highline setup.  The Involved Highline Kit includes everything you need to set up a safe highline slackline.  The Alpine Weblocks, soft release, Wafer line grip, and Boss pulley set make tensioning and de-tensioning any line easy and smooth.  Get peace of mind by using the 44kN 100% proof loaded steel ring and SlacklifeBC leash rope as your highline leash.

    Choose your webbing:

    Choose 2 pieces (main/backup) OR 1 long piece (fold in half for main/backup)

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