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Alpine Lightweight Highline Kit

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Go light weight with the SlacklifeBC Alpine Highline rig. This kit includes the lightest anchor ropes and soft shackles to reduce your pack weight when hiking into those remote slackline locations. Go bigger with longer webbing!

Buy a highline kit and save 5% on the webbing!

Skypilot - Nylon Webbing – optional

Tantalus - Polyester Webbing – optional

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Highline Kit Includes:

  • Skypilot Nylon Webbing OR Tantalus Polyester Webbing OR both
  • 2 Sewn Loops on both ends
  • 2 Purelocks

2 Anchor Extreme Ropes (20m)

  • 1 Pure Leash
  • 2 Firehose Rope Pads
  • 4 Soft Shackles
  • 8 Quicklinks
  • 100m of 3mm Tag line
  • 1 Daisy Chain with Auto-locking Carabiner DMM Boa Carabiner (optional)


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