Alpine Pro BFK Anchor Kit

Alpine Pro BFK Anchor Kit

USD $ 256.90

In the Alpine where weight and strength is a concern, the Alpine Pro BFK anchor kit provides all the strength in a compact lightweight package.  At 40g/m, the 20m of 8mm Anchor Pro, originally designed for the challenges of the sandstone canyons of Utah features 100% Dyneema core covered with a durable cabled, solution dyed polyester sheath providing the strength and durability needed for highlining in a light weight rope.   The 4 CARB Steel Triple Auto-Locking Carabiners are easy to use, hard to miss use and rated for 30kN, putting them a step above quicklinks.   Lightweight, compact and extremely strong, the Alpine Pro BFK is a simple anchor kit designed to be hiked into the most remote locations.



Kit Includes:

  • 8mm Anchor Pro x 20m
  • CARB Steel Auto Locker Carabiner x 4

8mm Anchor Pro

The Bluewater Canyon Pro was originally designed for the rigors of Southern Utah’s notorious sandstone canyons, this rope has become a crossover specialty for many critical industrial and military applications.  A 100% Dyneema core covered with a durable cabled, solution dyed polyester sheath makes provides the strength and durability needed for highlining.  Small diameter, lightweight, and high strength! 

  • Elongation:
    • @ 300 lbf. = 2.0%
    • @ 600 lbf. = 2.6%
    • @ 1000 lbf. = 3.0%
  • Diameter:    8.0mm
  • Grams Per Meter:    40
  • Tensile Strength:    22.0 kN (5,000 lbf.)

CARB Steel Triple Auto-Locker Carabiner

The Autolocking carabiner is significantly more easy to use, have a higher breaking strength and are more versatile than quicklinks.  For the weight, if you are carrying anything into the alpine, it might as well be a multi-functional bomber carabiner.

  • Minimum Breaking Strengths (locked & straight loading):  30kN
  • Minimum Breaking Strengths (locked & cross loaded on gate):  16kN
  • Minimum Breaking Strengths (unlocked):  8kN
  • Gauge:  1.11cm (1/16″)
  • Outer diameter: 11.1cm (4 3/8″)
  • Inner diameter: 10cm (3 15/16″)
  • Weight:  248g


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