Bomber Anchor Kit

Bomber Anchor Kit

USD $ 365.47

The Bomber Anchor Kit will give you the peace of mind no matter what you are rigging.    20m of 9mm Anchornator, 5 CARB Steel Triple Auto-Locker carabiners and 4 Whoopie slings, provide everything you need to set up a bomber 5 point anchor whether it’s a BFK or a Sliding-X.   With both rope and carabiners rated for over 30kN, the Bomber BFK Anchor kit is strong enough for even the most intense rigs.   Beginner lines, long lines, tricklines, rope swings and more, get the peace of mind rigging anything with the Bomber Anchor Kit.



Kit Includes:

  • 20m x 9mm Anchornator Rope (Green)
  • CARB Steel Auto Locker Carabiner x 5
  • Whoopie Sling (Now made from even stronger orange UHMWPE) x 4
  • 8″ Soft Shackle x 1

9mm Anchornator

Strong and affordable, the Anchornator rope is an ideal highline anchor rope.  The Ancbornator is 100% Low Elongation Polyester [LEP] sheath and core. The sheath is 100% solution-dyed, high strength polyester in super bright colors. The Ancbornator packs a walloping 22.6kN. 3 sigma rated tensile strength!  

@ 300 lbf. = 1.28%
@ 600 lbf. = 1.92%
@ 1000 lbf. = 3.51%
12.5% at failure.

Length:   20m   Diameter:   9mm
Color:  Green
Grams Per Meter:    62
Tensile Strength:    22.6kN (5139 lbf.)

Steel Triple Auto-Locker Carabiner

  • Minimum Breaking Strengths (locked & straight loading):  30kN
  • Minimum Breaking Strengths (locked & cross loaded on gate):  16kN
  • Minimum Breaking Strengths (unlocked):  8kN
  • Gauge:  1.11cm (1/16″)
  • Outer diameter: 11.1cm (4 3/8″)
  • Inner diameter: 10cm (3 15/16″)
  • Weight:  248g

Whoopie Sling Backup Kit

  • Whoopie Sling MBS – 20kN
  • Soft Shackle MBS – 50kN



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