SlackLifeBC was formed with the vision of combining skills to tackle some high alpine highlines. One of our first big mountain climbing objectives was Sky Pilot Mountain. This mountain is no joke, 2031m high with many risks and some technical areas.

Taking the last gondola up at 9:45pm on Friday, we hiked into the dark. Waking up surrounded by mountains, within close striking distance to Sky Pilot summit, we packed up and started for the peak.

After gaining the summit (2031m), the mission began. We spent some time exploring around the peak and the gendarme looking for a nice, easily protected, level location to set up the highline. Rigging off a big horn, we quickly had the first Sky Pilot highline — “The Wingman”.

After a few walks, we returned back to camp for a well deserved pasta dinner. After dinner, with a few hours of light, we decided to go bag Copilot Mountain, said to be a simple scramble to the top.

Leaving the ropes and harnesses at camp, we set out for the peak. After some short loose scrambling, we realized we should have brought the ropes. Good thing we packed our helmets because this 4 pitch shooting gallery of a gully climb saw quite a few small rocks fly by. We scrambled our way up and made the summit. Having a quick drink of water, none of us could relax with the down climb in the back of our mind. After a tense 20 mins, made better by some singing “On the Cover of the Rolling Stone”, we were back at camp joking about the climb.

On Sunday, we returned to Sky Pilot for some more highlining before heading home after another amazing weekend in beautiful British Columbia.

The construction of the new Sea To Sky Gondola has made access to the mountain much easier. This is a good and bad thing. For us, the easy access greatly reduced the distance we had to haul gear, but the same easy access may have contributed to the many accidents that happened on this mountain in 2014, by opening up a serious mountain to those who may not be fully prepared.

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Brent Plumley
Adam Plumley
Spencer Seabrooke

Film & Edit by Brent P