Slackline Parks

An Excellent Addition to Any Recreational Location!

SlacklifeBC can design a custom slackline park that meets your needs.  Contact us for information on how you can add a slackline park to your recreational area.

Great Entertainment for All Ages!

Slackline parks are great for all ages and can be excellent addition to any recreational area.  Custom slackline parks can be designed for slackliners of all skill levels.

  • Excellent for all ages
  • Design Kids Specific Area
  • Add Longer and looser lines for more advanced slackliners
  • Trick lines, Rodeo Lines, Tri-lines
  • A Great Way to Spend a Day or Just a few hours


Expand To Include Slacklining!

Easy to install with low maintenance a slackline park can put any space to good use.


Make Use Of Any Space

Slackline parks can be setup almost anywhere.  Requiring as much or as little space, custom designs and rigging can be created to fit all needs and location.  Whether public, private or government operated, slacklining can be a huge attraction and an excellent addition to any recreational site.

  • Any space, big or small
  • Quick Construction and Setup
  • Environmentally friendly construct reduces impact
  • Indoor and outdoor

Custom Slackline Parks



Contact SlackLifeBC for More Information!

Cypress Falls "Natural Mystic" highline

Step up the Adventure with a highline course!

Highlines are slacklines with additional safety equipment rigged high in the air.   Courses of progressing highlines can be designed to offer both a safe memorable thrill for everyone, as well as a mentally challenging highline walk for more experienced slackliners.  Implementing overhead or below slackline saftety measures ensures guests will be safe to test their skills on 1 and 2 inch pieces of webbing suspended high in the air.  A sure way to attract guests time and time again.

  • Add a level of adventure!
  • Add tree top canopy walk and platforms
  • Overhead safety lines make it easy for everyone to try!
  • Possible both indoors and outdoors