Set out for a weekend of highlining, mountaineering and snowboarding at Mountain Lake hut.

Half way down the logging road (5 / 10 kms) we encountered deep snow, which quickly haulted our progress. After breaking a set of chains on the tires, we decided to start walking the remaining 5km. After about 1 km of walking we found it much easier to use the snowboard as a sled and take turns pulling the gear rather than walking with it on our backs.

Along the way we had to cross several creeks but eventually one of them get the better of us. Wet and cold, we decided to setup camp for the night.

The following morning we assessed the avalanche risks ahead as now we were going to be crossing the north bowls at mid day rather than in the middle of the night as we had originally planned. Looking up and seeing large freshly formed overhanging cornices threatening the entire first bowl, just baking in the sun, we decided to abort mission and just relax for the day, eat the two days of food in one day, and then head out for a night downtown Vancouver.