Brent Plumley (Co-Founder)


SlackLifeBC BrentBrent Plumley was born on May 21, 1986 is Peterborough, Ontario.   Growing up in a small town in Ontario, Brent naturally spent his winters playing hockey and summers enjoying the outdoors, camping, fishing, playing paintball and trying to stay out of trouble.  At the age of 18, Brent moved to Waterloo, Ontario where he completed an Honors Degree in Mathematical Physics from the University of Waterloo.  Post graduation, Brent began a career in software development.

A few years after graduation, in the words of John Muir – “The mountains are calling and I must go”, Brent packed up everything and drove across the country to start a new chapter in their lives.  hawleyb_153619 Not long after moving to Vancouver, Brent and his brother Adam began exploring the mountains, having all sorts of adventures.   In late 2010, A childhood best friend Spencer Seabrooke decided to join in on the fun in British Columbia and packed up and moved everything to Vancouver.

The 3 friends starting ticking off a list of mountains and rock climbs, and Spencer started to dabble in the sport of Slacklining.   It was not long after, the sports would combine into alpine highlines.  As the adventures continued, it was decided that we would start to film and share our adventures for everyone to enjoy, and to show that a group of average guys, with some training, can go out and do big things – born SlacklifeBC.


Brent Plumley is an experienced rock climber, mountaineer, and rigger, and plays a big part in the planning of all Slacklife expeditions.


More Photos of Brent

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