Hello, My name is Catrina Sisco. I was born on August 26, 1990 in Augusta, Georgia in the backseat of my parents Ford Taurus, the day after they bought it. I now live in a tiny van with my tiny foxdog exploring the world!
Now that that fun fact is out of the way, I discovered slacklining around 2011, but I only slacklined as a rest day activity when the weather wouldn’t allow me to climb. It never really interested me enough to truly catch my eye. Even the few times I tried highlining, it just seemed boring compared to climbing. It blew my mind that people could enjoy just walking back and forth on a piece of webbing. Until the summer of 2016 when I discovered highlining for what it is today.
Seeing the massive lengths of the lines, people bouncing and doing tricks, and people SURFING! It amazed me and I knew that THAT was what I wanted to do…even though I didn’t admit it Now (December 2017 to be exact) highlining has kind of taken over my life. I can spend hours on a line practicing a new trick without even realizing it. Even when I feel a little frustrated or let down, I have never gotten off a line without a smile on my face.

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