On August 2nd, 2o15, Spencer Seabrooke successfully walked “The Itus”, a 64 meter long, 290 meter high highline atop The Chief in Squamish BC without any safety equipment, breaking the previous world record highline freesolo set by Andy Lewis.

“The Itus”, established by SlackLifeBC, had originally battled and consumed Spencer for quite some time.  From the day we first rigged the line, he talked about it being the world record freesolo line, and I knew that someday it would be.  Having pushed his highline and longline personal bests further and further, Spencer was ready.  Tensioning the line with only a line grip and high-slide, he walked the line once with the harness.  Feeling confident, Spencer then removed all safety equipment, stepped out on the line and proceeded to break the world record freesolo.

WORLD RECORD FREE SOLO – 64 m long, 290 m high

Congratulations to Spencer Seabrooke!


To get an idea of how epic “The Itus” is, checkout the SlackLifeBC video.  290 meters high = 7 seconds to the ground if you fall!