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    13mm Titan Slings

    USD $ 6.03 USD $ 11.31
    BlueWater developed the first Titan Dyneema sling nearly thirty years ago. It has been widely copied but never equaled. Titan slings continue to have the highest strength rating in the market. Superior cut and abrasion resistant webbing and thread design making them SlacklifeBC's go-to multi-purpose sling.  CE and UIAA certified! Manufactured in the U.S.A. from Domestic and Globally sourced raw materials.  Available in assorted colors.   Tensile Strength: 6,000 lbf. (26.6 kN) Length:  60cm (24")
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    Basic Multiplier Kit

    USD $ 30.16 USD $ 22.62
    Add additional mechanical advance to your pulley set, with the basic multiplier kit.  Lightweight, easy to use, a friend to help when rigging solo. Kit includes:
    • 1 x 11" Sewn Prusik Loop or 1 x 20" Sewn Prusik Loop
    • 1 x Oval Aluminum Beaner
    • 1 x Single Pulley
  • BC Wafer Grip

    USD $ 98.04
    Introducing the all new Balance Community BC Wafer.  A lightweight, easy to use 1" webbing grip device.   Make tensioning your lines a breeze using the BC Wafer to grab on to the webbing.  The Wafer is excellent for soft pointing lines, tensioning with the Buckingham method or any other number of tensioning methods and tasks. Super small and easy to use, the BC Wafer is the ideal webbing grip device for your gear bag. Designed in Denver, CO and Chicago, IL, manufactured in China, assembled in Chicago, IL.
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    Firehose Rope Pad

    USD $ 32.43 USD $ 27.15
    The 75cm (30") Firehose Rope Pad is made from a real Fire Hose.   The braided outer provides extreme cut and abrasion resistance. The Fire Hose rope pad is double sided with black on the reverse side so it can be used for tactical applications or to allow swapping sides to get the most mileage from the pad. Manufactured in the U.S.A. from Domestic and Globally sourced raw materials.  
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    Guardian Rope Pads

    USD $ 45.25 USD $ 37.71
    Manufactured with a triple layering of black cotton duck canvas for the perfect rigidity and durability to provide users with years of use. The guardian rope pad is compact, durable and long enough to protect your lines.  A low profile allows a large leash ring to pass over.  A hook and loop closure keeps the pad in position. Rigging loops are installed at each end of this rope pad.  Manufactured in the U.S.A. from Domestic and Globally sourced raw materials Dimensions: 15cm x 66cm (6″ x 36″) Weight: 283g
  • Line Sleeve Pad

    USD $ 5.28
     A simple abrasion protection made of from Nylon Tubular webbing with added velcro strips for easy use.   Excellent for light-medium abrasion scenario or for protecting long spans.   Sold by the foot.
  • Personal Anchor Kit

    From: USD $ 49.77 USD $ 39.97
    Safety First!  Whenever you are near an edge, rigging a line, tieing in or just taking a picture, it is important to be secured.  This combination Daisy Chain with an auto-locking carabiner provides enough length to move around all the while knowing you are locked in and safe.   Something that should be apart of every highliner's harness. 
  • Sewn Loops

    USD $ 30.16
    Add two beautiful and extremely useful sewn loops to one end of your webbing.  Loops make rigging easy.  Simply clip off with any properly rated connector.  
  • High Tech rope is the future of rigging.  Light weight and high strength, it makes perfect anchor material in the park or on a highline.   When pushing your highlining longer and longer, use high tech rope to provide the needed safety without the added weight. Sold by the meter
  • Light, Durable and strong, the 3mm Accessory cord is the ideal tagline for mid-lengths lines and an excellent cord to have around camp. A nylon sheath with a nylon core accessory cord for a multitude of applications limited only by the imagination.
  • This long, 6 step etrier aid ladder is perfect whether you are aid climbing, climbing over edges or getting in position to do work.   An excellent Highline rescue tool for someone who is unable to climb the leash.
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    Sewn Prusik Loops are excellent in many situations.   Whether you are ascending, backing up your descent, performing a rescue or just multiplying your mechanical advantage on pulleys, the Sewn Prusik Loops are always nice to have around.
  • Whoopie Sling

    USD $ 36.20
    Lightweight, extremely strong and adjustable, whoopie slings are the perfect addition to your slackline rig.   Ideal for individualizing your anchor or backing up/securing your purelocks, weblock, rigging plate or just hanging a hammock.  Whoopie Slings are a nearly must have for every serious slackliner. Now made from even stronger orange Powermax UHMWPE!
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    Whoopie Sling Backup Kit

    From: USD $ 136.50 USD $ 129.67
    A simple, lightweight and reliable anchor backup/individualization kit.   The Whoopie slings and large Soft Shackles can be used any many combinations and in many situations.   Ideal for everything from Individualize your sliding-X anchor to securing your purelock in the park.  Save 5% by ordering as a kit. The whoopie slings and soft shackles are made of high strength orange Powermax UHMWPE