Belay Devices

  • Belaying at the top of a pitch has never been easier with the DMM Pivot Belay device. A pivoting guide loop gives you the freedom to lower from above in a slow and controlled manner. The Pivot is a great choice for trad, ice, alpine and multi-pitch climbs.
  • The Lifeguard Assisted Breaking Belay device is compact and easy to use.  Constructed from hot forged aircraft aluminum and stainless steel making for a lightweight and very durable belay device.  This excellent belay device uses an internal spring that assists with belaying.   Lower or rappel with ease using the fold-out handle.  Use classic belay techniques for ropes ranging from 8.9mm to 11mm.  The minimal movement of the internal cam unit helps to reduce loss when using as progress capture in a pulley system.   An excellent piece of gear to add to your harness!


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