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  • 2 Point Anchor Kit

    USD $ 86.01 USD $ 93.62
    The perfect bolted anchor or sport climbing anchor kit.    The lightweight Titan sling and PerfectO carabiner reduce your anchor weight so that you can climb at your red-point.   Easily build a 2 point equalized anchor with a large master point carabiner.   The all auto-locking carabiners ensure you never leave the anchor un-secure. KIT INCLUDES:
  • 3 Point Anchor Kit

    USD $ 108.84 USD $ 116.46
    Whether climbing hard trad, or casual sport, the 3 point anchor kit ensures you have what you need to build a safe and reliable anchor.  The lightweight and extremely strong Titan sling paired with the lightweight PerfectO locking carabiners provides the security needed without any added weight. KIT INCLUDES:
  • A 5m piece of accessory cord with a nylon sheath and a nylon core makes this perfect for a multitude of applications limited only by the imagination. CE and UIAA Certified.
  • Climbing Starter Kit

    USD $ 254.22 USD $ 265.64
    The Climbing Starter Kit includes everything you need to join the group for a day out climbing.    Everyone in a climbing party should have their own personal anchor system, anchor kit, belay device, and an extra carabiner to belay in guide mode. KIT INCLUDES:
    • DMM Pivot Guide Belay Kit
    • Personal anchor kit 
    • 3 point anchor kit.   
  • Top Rope Anchor Kit

    USD $ 86.01 USD $ 93.62
    The Top Rope Anchor Kit allows for a 2 point equalized anchor to be built with a steel carabiner as the master point.  The steel carabiner will not wear with hours and hours of dirty rope sliding back and forth through it.     KIT INCLUDES:
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