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    13mm BWII – 30 meters

    USD $ 111.39 USD $ 73.52
  • Firehose Rope Pad

    USD $ 31.93
    The 75cm (30") Firehose Rope Pad is made from a real Fire Hose.   The braided outer provides extreme cut and abrasion resistance. The Fire Hose rope pad is double sided with black on the reverse side so it can be used for tactical applications or to allow swapping sides to get the most mileage from the pad. Manufactured in the U.S.A. from Domestic and Globally sourced raw materials.  
  • Pure Leash

    USD $ 63.12
    All Aluminum rings and a beautiful threaded leash - The ultimate highline leash.   Lightweight, exceptionally strong, wide enough to fit over loops and twists, the Pure Leash will keep you safe while enjoying the air below your feet!   The lightweight rings reduce ring drag/lead giving you a more free experience on the line, while also helping to prevent injuries that may result from falling on a heavier steel ring.  Rated for 25kN each (50kN pair), you can walk, bounce, surf or just standup feeling free, knowing you are safe.  Get Involved!

    Pro-Team Recommended Product

    Ring Details
    • Minimum Breaking Strength: 25kN MBS (doubled up 50kN)
    • Diameter: 60mm inner diameter
    • Weights: 50g each (100g/pair)
  • A snug, form-fitting hat. Warm and comfortable for those cold days out slacking. 100% Turbo Acrylic 12" in length Hypoallergenic  Unisex style
  • SlacklifeBC Primitive-Pro Longline Kit

    USD $ 366.11 USD $ 356.45
    The SlacklifeBC Longline slackline kit includes everything you need to set up a 45m slackline by yourself.   This kit as an excellent way to take your slacklining to the next level.  
  • SlacklifeBC PRO Longline Kit

    From: USD $ 510.92
    The SlacklifeBC Longline slackline kit is the best longline kit available.   The Snatch, pulley, and Purelock make it easy to tension and de-tension while keeping the line clean of extra hardware, giving you the most enjoyable walk possible.  Go longer and feel more comfortable with the PRO longline kit.
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    Lion (m) > Pre-order sale 10% off

    USD $ 5.77 USD $ 5.20
    Light as a cloud but firm and soft on your feet, Lion hightech webbing is the perfect webbing for your long journeys across mountains, canyons, cities or just in the park. Simply the best longline webbing available.   Ask anyone who has tried it. Designed and manufactured 100% in Canada, continuous lengths of over 1000 meter are now available.  Minimum order 100m, Sold by the meter. ANNUAL LION SALE -- Save 10% OFF
  • Purelock

    USD $ 118.08
    The Purelock takes the weblock to a whole new level. Combining a shackle and a weblock in one unit reduces weight and maintains all the strength. Extremely light weight and amazingly strong, the Purelock is perfect for a backyard setup to a lion-sized alpine project and everything in between. purelock-connections_4cd70fe4-a4ce-4282-8859-33102ed8deb6 It's easy to fit a PureLock in your style of rigging. Whether it be slings, spansets, rope anchors, pulleys or a soft-release.
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    Get ready for the ride of your life with SlacklifeBC's SkyPilot nylon webbing - Simply the best nylon slackline webbing on the market.  Sold by the meter. Skypilot PRE-ORDER SALE -- SAVE 10% Today.  Expected ship date TBD
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    It's time to smile and share the happiness because Tantalus polyester webbing is here. This webbing weave has been developed to provide an unforgettable slackline experience in any scenario. Sold by the meter. PRE-ORDER SALE - SAVE 10%
  • 87m Tantalus

    USD $ 216.25 USD $ 199.45
    It's time to smile and share the happiness. Tantalus, the new polyester webbing is here and it comes with a record weight of just 53g /m, so light that the experience of controlling the line at any length is like no other. The newly designed weave has been developed to provide an unforgettable slackline experience in any scenario. No more bad feelings about catching, sharp edges or bruises. Even better, this webbing has been rated as the "red carpet" of all webbing. The softness and beautiful light feeling make you want to keep staying on the line forever.  Being designed and manufactured 100% in Canada. The stuff, dreams are made of.

    Pre Cut Pieces ship the next day!

    Includes: Tantalus Polyester Webbing + 2 Sewn Loops on both ends
  • Further (Level 3)

    USD $ 555.47
    Take your slacklining further, rig full length, tight or loose, your choice with the "Further Slackline Kit".  Level 3 of the SlacklifeBC Progression Plan, the Further Kit is excellent for intermediate level slackliners.  As you get more serious, the gear required gets more involved.  The Purelock, Snatch, and pulley are essential gear for any serious slackliner and will allow you to set up a slackline of almost any length, clean, without the extra weight of pulleys or a primitive setup.   The SlacklifeBC Progression Plan Kits are designed to provide you with the gear you need now, while minimizes duplicate, wasted, unused gear in the future, making sure every component is re-used at almost every step as you progress from beginner to highline master
  • Simply the best highline anchor rope you can buy.  The Bluewater Canyon Extreme is the ultimate in Canyoneering ropes, designed to withstand the most extreme conditions.  The Technora sheath strands provide unmatched cut resistance protecting your rig from abrasion.   The 100% Dyneema core strands create a high strength and light weight rope. If you need the highest level of performance available this is the choice! 
  • The Alpine Pro Anchor Kit is extremely lightweight, solid and versatile.   The 8mm Anchor Pro, originally designed for the challenging sandstone canyons of Utah, features 100% Dyneema core protected by a durable cabled, solution dyed polyester sheath providing the strength and durability needed for highlining at only 40 g/m.   Designed to be used as a sliding-x anchor backed up with whoopie slings but equally suited for a BFK, the Alpine Pro Anchor Kit will work in most rigging scenarios.   If you are looking for a lightweight anchor kit, the Alpine Pro is the kit for you.