• The DMM Anchor Rings are forged aluminum making them lightweight, strong and seamless.  Strong enough to trust your life, wide enough to easily accommodate a double wrap in a line locker combination, light enough to hike up a mountain and durable enough to last.
  • Pure Loop

    USD $ 29.69
    The all Aluminum 25kN closed rings are exceptionally light without any sacrifice on strength.  It is recommended to always use 2 rings when using as a highline leash.    Rings sold as a set Ring Details
    • Minimum Breaking Strength: 25kN MBS (doubled up 50kN)
    • Diameter: 60mm inner diameter
    • Weights: 50g
  • BOMBER!  These 44kn, ultra strong 3" rings are big, strong and perfect for a leash ring, spacenet or spaceline anchor point.   All I can say is bomber!
    • Ultra Strong
    • Minimum tensile Strengths: 44kn (10000lbs)
    • Inner diameter: 3"
    • Recommended usage: use a single ring for when used as a highline leash;   Use as a single ring for spacenet/spaceline anchor point
  • Drop-forged Steel Rings are guaranteed strong making them ideal for many uses.The small rings are ideal for static line lockers when used with a wider steel carabiner such as the Black CARB Steal Auto-Locker.   Wide enough to fit 1" webbing with a sleeve.
    • Minimum tensile Strengths: 22kn (5500lbs)
    • Inner diameter: 1 1/2"
  • Highline Leash Rings

    USD $ 16.33 USD $ 33.40
    Threaded Highline Leashes are the standard leash used on highlines around the world.   Build from 9.9mm dynamic climbing rope threaded through tubular webbing, SlacklifeBC threaded leash kits will keep you safe fall after fall without question.   Light, durable, smooth and easy to climb trust in SlacklifeBC threaded leashes!