Multiplier Kits

  • Add additional mechanical advance to your pulley set, with the basic multiplier kit.  Lightweight, easy to use, a friend to help when rigging solo. Kit includes:
    • 1 x 11" Sewn Prusik Loop
    • 1 x Oval Aluminum Beaner
    • 1 x Single Pulley
  • Multiplier Kit

    USD $ 55.25
    Multiply your mechanical advantage with the basic multiplier kit.  The kit includes a 2" prusik minding single pulley, sewn prusik cord, and an oval carabiner. 
  • Pro Multiplier Kit

    USD $ 100.32
    Add a 3:1 multiplication of force to do more work with less effort.   Ascending a fixed rope, hauling a large load, or tensioning your slackline, the Pro Multiplier Kit is easy to use and provides the extra mechanical advantage you need. Kit includes a SlacklifeBC Chest Ascender, DMM PerfectO Carabiner, and a high-efficiency 2" single pulley.
  • Sale!

    Tensioning Master Kit

    Original price was: USD $ 450.01.Current price is: USD $ 434.41.
    A complete tensioning and hauling kit!  With the 2" double pulleys, releasable progress capture, multiplier kit, and a handled ascender, you will easily be able to tension the longest lines.
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