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SlacklifeBC Slackline Kits

SlacklifeBC Slackline kits come in a variety of styles to fit slackliners of all levels.   Every kit includes everything you need to set up a slackline and start walking.   Do you have questions or need help choosing a kit?  Contact SlacklifeBC and let us help!

  • Primitive-Pro Longline Kit

    From: USD $ 305.62
    The SlacklifeBC Primitive Pro slackline kit is a simple longline kit that allows for rigging of lines up to 45m long. Start short and go longer as you progress.  Choose your webbing:
  • SlacklifeBC PRO Longline Kit

    From: USD $ 555.15
    The SlacklifeBC Longline slackline kit is the best longline kit available.   The Wafer Linegrip, Boss pulley set, Alpine Weblock 5, and soft release make it easy to tension and de-tension while keeping the line clean of extra hardware, giving you the most enjoyable walk.  Go longer and feel more comfortable with the PRO longline kit. Choose your webbing:
  • The perfect all-around slackline kit ideal for every level from beginners to experts.   Designed to provide the feeling of a true slackline in an easy to setup kit.  The 25m long webbing allows for a ton of room for progression and is long enough to satisfy even the most advanced slackers.  The 1 1/6" webbing gives a true slackline feeling.  The extra large ratchet allows for easy tensioning at any length.  The Weekend Warrior Kit is a perfect introductory slackline kit, an ideal backyard slackline setup or an excellent travel line whether going camping for the weekend or flying overseas.   


  • Starter (level 1)

    From: USD $ 185.05
    Begin your slackline journey with this easy to set up 1" Primitive kit.  This kit includes everything you need to set up a 25m slackline.  The 60m webbing, steel carabiners, shackles and more are easily upgraded to let you walk even longer as your skill level increases. 

    Starter - longer - further - Higher

  • The SlacklifeBC Primitive Beginner Slackline kits is a basic 1" slackline kit ideal for any level of slackliner.  Excellent as a backyard setup, a lightweight travel setup, or park-line.    The 30m slackline-specific webbing provides an amazing slackline experience.
  • Longer (Level 2)

    From: USD $ 385.40
    Continue walking longer as you progress with the "Longer Slackline kit". Level 2 of the SlacklifeBC Progression Plan, the Longer Kit is excellent for beginner and intermediate slackliners who have aspirations of one-day highlining.  The "Longer kit", is a modified Primitive-Pro kit that allows you to easily set up a 45m slackline.  Choose your webbing:
  • Further (Level 3)

    From: USD $ 643.30
    Take your slacklining further, rig full length, tight or loose, your choice with the "Further Slackline Kit".  Level 3 of the SlacklifeBC Progression Plan, the Further Kit is excellent for intermediate-level slackliners.  As you get more serious, the gear required gets more involved.  The Weblock, Wafer, and pulley are essential gear for any serious slackliner and will allow you to set up a slackline of almost any length, clean, without the extra weight of pulleys or a primitive setup.   The SlacklifeBC Progression Plan Kits are designed to provide you with the gear you need now, while minimizes duplicate, wasted, unused gear in the future, making sure every component is re-used at almost every step as you progress from beginner to highline master Choose your webbing:
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