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SlacklifeBC Slackline Kits

SlacklifeBC Slackline kits come in a variety of styles to fit slackliners of all levels.   Every kit includes everything you need to set up a slackline and start walking.   Do you have questions or need help choosing a kit?  Contact SlacklifeBC and let us help!

  • SlacklifeBC PRO Longline Kit

    From: USD $ 561.28
    The SlacklifeBC Longline slackline kit is the best longline kit available.   The Wafer Linegrip, Boss pulley set, Alpine Weblock 5, and soft release make it easy to tension and de-tension while keeping the line clean of extra hardware, giving you the most enjoyable walk.  Go longer and feel more comfortable with the PRO longline kit. Choose your webbing:
  • The perfect all-around slackline kit ideal for every level from beginners to experts.   Designed to provide the feeling of a true slackline in an easy to setup kit.  The 25m long webbing allows for a ton of room for progression and is long enough to satisfy even the most advanced slackers.  The 1 1/6" webbing gives a true slackline feeling.  The extra large ratchet allows for easy tensioning at any length.  The Weekend Warrior Kit is a perfect introductory slackline kit, an ideal backyard slackline setup or an excellent travel line whether going camping for the weekend or flying overseas.   



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