• Chest Ascender

    USD $ 54.52
    The SlacklifeBC Chest Ascender is a compact, high-efficiency rope ascender.  Use with a basic ascender or a handled ascender to easily climb a fixed-line.  Ideal for use with a pulley to create a multiplier system while climbing a rope or tensioning your slackline. CE and EN certified
  • Handled Ascender

    USD $ 65.43
    The SlacklifeBC handled ascenders are designed for climbing a fixed single rope up to 13mm.   Easy to use, the ascenders can be installed or removed one-handed.  The plastic covered handle is comfortable and ergonomic and provides thermal insulation on cold, wet days.  The camming unit includes inclined teeth to provide grip on wet, icy or muddy ropes.   Handled ascenders are an excellent addition to a tensioning system by providing a comfortable grip while pulling on ropes. EN and CE Certified
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