Get ready for the ride of your life. SlacklifeBC’s nylon webbing, SkyPilot is simply the best nylon webbing on the market. Walk, bounce, surf, and fly on this amazing webbing – Made in Canada!

Bounce high on BC Green. This lightweight and low-stretch Nylon webbing from Balance Community is an ideal highline webbing. The tight weave and rounded edges make for an amazing walk or bounce session at any length. The really cool bi-color pattern is nice to look at and helps identify any twists when rigging. A rated sewn loop on each end makes rigging a dream.

It’s time to smile and share the happiness with Tantalus Polyester webbing. The newly designed weave is developed to provide an unforgettable slackline experience in any scenario, whether you are cruising in the park high in the air. The softness and beautiful light feeling will keep you on the line forever. The stuff, dreams are made of. Designed and manufactured 100% in Canada.

Walk cool on BC Blue. This low stretch polyester webbing from Balance community has a tight weave with pillow edges. Perfect for any long line project whether it be in the park or from peak to peak. The amazing bi-color white/blue design looks incredible and the two colors help identify twists while rigging even the longest lines. Soft and stable, an all around great webbing.

Available Webbing