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SlacklifeBC Stunt Rigging

Make your stunt a reality!

Custom stunts for your project

SlacklifeBC has the experience to make your next big stunt a reality!

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Are you looking for a unique stunt or entertainment for TV, movies, a special events, grand opening or something else?

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Big Stunts!

Big Audiences!

The right team for the job!

Inovative and Experienced

No idea is to big or to crazy!

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From the city to the mountains, our team can plan, coordinate and execute your wildest stunts

Safety First

We take safety very importantly!

Best practices

Following and exceeding industry standards for safety planning and first aid, ensure the safety of our workers, performers and spectators.

Previous Projects

200 Foot Rope Swing – Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes : Must watch the bucket test:) 100% Captured with HITCASE for iPhone. hitcase.com/ Our SlackLife BC crew turned rope swinging into a true leap of faith. Now, the question is: would you jump? slacklifebc.com/ Special thanks to "The Beacon Boys" for their hard work in creating this [...]

SlacklifeBC Stunt Rigging

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