• Ultra 0 Locksafe

    USD $ 26.96
    The DMM Ultra O is an excellent all-around carabiner with a snag-free keylock nose, that is easy to use, even one-handed.  Ideal for assisted breaking devices, pulleys, swivels, and shackles. They also give stable loading characteristics, as attachments can self-center under load with minimal movement from the carabiner.
  • Ultra D Locksafe

    USD $ 29.14
    The DMM Ultra D is an excellent all-around auto-locking carabiner.  Similar in size to the Ultra O but with even greater strength due to the back configuration. The pronounced D-shape forces the loading along the major axis of the carabiner to maximize strength. Perfect for use with a belay device, at the end of lanyards, and in fact for most other climbing, mountaineering, and work-at-height applications.
  • Sewn Prusik Loops are excellent in many situations.   Whether you are ascending, backing up your descent, performing a rescue or just multiplying your mechanical advantage on pulleys, the Sewn Prusik Loops are always nice to have around.
  • Revolver Rig Twin

    USD $ 112.92
    The Revolver Rig Twin is an auto-locking rated connector with a built-in high-efficiency roller bearing double pulley making for a lightweight, efficient and useful rigging pulley.   The unique profiled spine and threaded captive bar ensure the correct orientation and maximum strength.   The becket located between the pulleys allows for attachment of other components and is very useful in many rigging tasks.   An excellent all in one connecter and pulley.
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    SlacklifeBC Releasable Pulley Set

    From: Original price was: USD $ 315.46.Current price is: USD $ 299.69.
    The High-efficiency pulley set with an easy releasable progress capture.   Tension or haul with ease, and then simply release or lower.   A complete pulley system ideal for tensioning a slackline, hauling a heavy load, or performing rescues. SAVE 5% OFF each item when you buy a complete pulley kit! Kit includes:
    • 2 x SlacklifeBC 2" prusik minding double pulleys
    • 2 x DMM Ultra O Safelock Carabiners
    • 15m of 10.5mm BWII Static Rope
    • 8mm Twist Shackle
    • Lifeguard belay device
  • The Lifeguard Assisted Breaking Belay device is compact and easy to use.  Constructed from hot forged aircraft aluminum and stainless steel making for a lightweight and very durable belay device.  This excellent belay device uses an internal spring that assists with belaying.   Lower or rappel with ease using the fold-out handle.  Use classic belay techniques for ropes ranging from 8.9mm to 11mm.  The minimal movement of the internal cam unit helps to reduce loss when using as progress capture in a pulley system.   An excellent piece of gear to add to your harness!
  • The MadRock Hulk HMS Matte Black screw gate carabiner is an excellent, high-strength, all-around carabiner.   The large size allows you to easily connect to anchor slings or multiple ropes.   Perfect for belaying one or two ropes.   The rounded design allows for ropes or webbing to slide smoothly and efficiently.  The key-lock nose allows for quick, snag-free operation
  • Pro Multiplier Kit

    USD $ 100.54
    Add a 3:1 multiplication of force to do more work with less effort.   Ascending a fixed rope, hauling a large load, or tensioning your slackline, the Pro Multiplier Kit is easy to use and provides the extra mechanical advantage you need. Kit includes a SlacklifeBC Chest Ascender, DMM PerfectO Carabiner, and a high-efficiency 2" single pulley.
  • Multiplier Kit

    USD $ 55.37
    Multiply your mechanical advantage with the basic multiplier kit.  The kit includes a 2" prusik minding single pulley, sewn prusik cord, and an oval carabiner. 
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    Tensioning Master Kit

    Original price was: USD $ 450.97.Current price is: USD $ 435.34.
    A complete tensioning and hauling kit!  With the 2" double pulleys, releasable progress capture, multiplier kit, and a handled ascender, you will easily be able to tension the longest lines.
  • High-efficiency 2" prusik minding pulleys are made for large loads and tough tasks.  These pulleys are very versatile and can be used in a variety of applications from progress capture, hauling systems, rescue or building a multiplier kit for your pulley set. CE Certified
  • These high-efficiency 2" prusik minding double pulleys are made for large loads and tough tasks.   Get the tension you need in your slackline with ease.  Perfect for tensioning, hauling, rescue, or tyrolean systems.   CE Certified
  • Chest Ascender

    USD $ 54.64
    The SlacklifeBC Chest Ascender is a compact, high-efficiency rope ascender.  Use with a basic ascender or a handled ascender to easily climb a fixed-line.  Ideal for use with a pulley to create a multiplier system while climbing a rope or tensioning your slackline. CE and EN certified
  • Handled Ascender

    USD $ 65.57
    The SlacklifeBC handled ascenders are designed for climbing a fixed single rope up to 13mm.   Easy to use, the ascenders can be installed or removed one-handed.  The plastic covered handle is comfortable and ergonomic and provides thermal insulation on cold, wet days.  The camming unit includes inclined teeth to provide grip on wet, icy or muddy ropes.   Handled ascenders are an excellent addition to a tensioning system by providing a comfortable grip while pulling on ropes. EN and CE Certified
  • Built a 3 point climbing anchor in any configuration with the Trad Climbing Anchor Kit.   Whether you are building your anchor off of gear, a tree, a boulder or whatever, this anchor kit is a must-have on any serious climbers rack. KIT INCLUDES:
  • A 5m piece of accessory cord with a nylon sheath and a nylon core makes this perfect for a multitude of applications limited only by the imagination. CE and UIAA Certified.
  • Climbing Starter Kit

    USD $ 271.75 USD $ 282.68
    The Climbing Starter Kit includes everything you need to join the group for a day out climbing.    Everyone in a climbing party should have their own personal anchor system, anchor kit, belay device, and an extra carabiner to belay in guide mode. KIT INCLUDES:
  • 2 Point Anchor Kit

    USD $ 93.98 USD $ 101.27
    The perfect bolted anchor or sport climbing anchor kit.    The lightweight Titan sling and PerfectO carabiner reduce your anchor weight so that you can climb at your red-point.   Easily build a 2 point equalized anchor with a large master point carabiner.   The all auto-locking carabiners ensure you never leave the anchor un-secure. KIT INCLUDES:
  • Top Rope Anchor Kit

    USD $ 82.33 USD $ 89.61
    The Top Rope Anchor Kit allows for a 2 point equalized anchor to be built with a steel carabiner as the master point.  The steel carabiner will not wear with hours and hours of dirty rope sliding back and forth through it.     KIT INCLUDES:
  • 3 Point Anchor Kit

    USD $ 120.94 USD $ 128.22
    Whether climbing hard trad, or casual sport, the 3 point anchor kit ensures you have what you need to build a safe and reliable anchor.  The lightweight and extremely strong Titan sling paired with the lightweight PerfectO locking carabiners provides the security needed without any added weight. KIT INCLUDES:
  • Belaying has never been easier with the DMM Pivot Guide Belay Kit. Belay a leader from the bottom or belay 2 followers from the top of the route with ease.  The pivoting guide attachment allows you to easily lower a climber when belaying in guide mode
  • The Perfecto is a compact oval carabiner with a snag-free keylock nose, that is easy to use, even one-handed.  Its shape provides effective centring of loads and the fully rounded rope bearing areas increase carabiner and rope longevity.
  • Belaying at the top of a pitch has never been easier with the DMM Pivot Belay device. A pivoting guide loop allows you to lower from above in a slow and controlled manner. The Pivot is great for trad, ice, alpine, and multi-pitch climbs.  Carabiners are not included.
  • Sewn Prusik Loops are excellent in many situations.   Whether you are ascending, backing up your descent, performing a rescue or just multiplying your mechanical advantage on pulleys, the Sewn Prusik Loops are always nice to have around.
  • This bright solid pink double dry single rope is ideal for everything from extreme alpine climbing to backyard sport climbing. Compare the specs of the Lightning Pro to any similar diameter from others and you’ll see the Lightning Pro outshines all the rest. Lighter, lower impact force and Super high fall rating for ropes in the sub 10mm category. The Lightning Pro is easy handling and easy to clip. The low bulk, light weight and performance characteristics have made this rope the choice for many high-end endeavors, from sport to wall-in-a-day to alpine routes. The BlueWater Lightning Pro specs highlight the loving care and manufacturing expertise they put in all their ropes. 
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