• Ultra 0 Locksafe

    USD $ 27.12
    The DMM Ultra O is an excellent all-around carabiner with a snag-free keylock nose, that is easy to use, even one-handed.  Ideal for assisted breaking devices, pulleys, swivels, and shackles. They also give stable loading characteristics, as attachments can self-center under load with minimal movement from the carabiner.
  • Ultra D Locksafe

    USD $ 29.32
    The DMM Ultra D is an excellent all-around auto-locking carabiner.  Similar in size to the Ultra O but with even greater strength due to the back configuration. The pronounced D-shape forces the loading along the major axis of the carabiner to maximize strength. Perfect for use with a belay device, at the end of lanyards, and in fact for most other climbing, mountaineering, and work-at-height applications.
  • Revolver Rig Twin

    USD $ 113.61
    The Revolver Rig Twin is an auto-locking rated connector with a built-in high-efficiency roller bearing double pulley making for a lightweight, efficient and useful rigging pulley.   The unique profiled spine and threaded captive bar ensure the correct orientation and maximum strength.   The becket located between the pulleys allows for attachment of other components and is very useful in many rigging tasks.   An excellent all in one connecter and pulley.
  • The MadRock Hulk HMS Matte Black screw gate carabiner is an excellent, high-strength, all-around carabiner.   The large size allows you to easily connect to anchor slings or multiple ropes.   Perfect for belaying one or two ropes.   The rounded design allows for ropes or webbing to slide smoothly and efficiently.  The key-lock nose allows for quick, snag-free operation
  • Climbing Starter Kit

    USD $ 273.39 USD $ 284.38
    The Climbing Starter Kit includes everything you need to join the group for a day out climbing.    Everyone in a climbing party should have their own personal anchor system, anchor kit, belay device, and an extra carabiner to belay in guide mode. KIT INCLUDES:
  • The Perfecto is a compact oval carabiner with a snag-free keylock nose, that is easy to use, even one-handed.  Its shape provides effective centring of loads and the fully rounded rope bearing areas increase carabiner and rope longevity.


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