Basic BFK Anchor Kit

Basic BFK Anchor Kit

CAD $137.50

The Basic BFK Anchor Kit is the simplest anchor kit available.  20m of BWII+ 11mm rope and 5 quicklinks make this anchor kit ideal for rigging already established bolted lines.  Strong, durable and affordable, the Basic BFK Anchor kit is excellent for those starting out highlining.



Kit Includes:

  • 30m x 9mm Anchornator (note: product image displays a different rope)
  • Quicklinks x 5


9mm Achornator

Strong and affordable, the Bluewater Canyonator rope is an ideal highline anchor rope.  The Canyonator is 100% Low Elongation Polyester [LEP] sheath and core. The sheath is 100% solution-dyed, high strength polyester in super bright colors. The Canyonator packs a walloping 22.6kN. 3 sigma rated tensile strength!  Designed in collaboration with Rich Carslon.

Contact SlacklifeBC for custom length pieces.

@ 300 lbf. = 1.28%
@ 600 lbf. = 1.92%
@ 1000 lbf. = 3.51%
12.5% at failure.

Length:   20m   Diameter:   9mm
Color:  Green
Grams Per Meter:    62
Tensile Strength:    22.6kN (5139 lbf.)


  • Size: 3/8″
  • Coating:  Zinc Plated
  • Working Load Limit: 2200lbs


BFK anchors, when done properly, allow for the load to be distributed across the multiple anchor points and also prevents against extension should one anchor point fail.  A BFK is not self-equalizing and therefore it should only be used in situations where the load forces will pull in a single direction.   A BFK is not recommended for Verticle bolting configurations.


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