Which Anchor Connector is Better?

When it comes to anchor connectors, there are many options available but two of the most commonly used connectors are Steel Carabiners and Steel Quicklinks.   SlacklifeBC Anchor kits are sold with either Zinc Plated Procraft Quicklinks or Carb-Steel Triple Auto-locking Carabiners.   Many people ask the question ‘why do the various anchor kits include the various connectors?’

The simple reason we sell those connectors is that both quicklinks or steel carabiners are excellent anchor connectors that I would recommend to anyone.   Even tho both products are excellent anchor connectors, they both have some advantages and disadvantages.  Depending on the situation, the use, the individual or any number of reasons, someone might choose one connector versus the other.   Below is a comparison of the two and the reason why SlacklifeBC Anchor Kits include the various connectors

Anchor Connector Comparison

  Carb Steel Triple Auto-locker Oval Carabiner Procraft 3/8 Zinc Plated Steel Quicklink
Weight 250g  135g
Working Load Limits (WLL)

Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS)

MBS – 30 kN (6700lbf)

WLL – 6 kN (1350lbf)

Open Gate MBS – 8 kN

Cross-Loaded MBS – 16 kN

MBS – 50kN

WLL – 9.8 kN (2200lbf)

Open Gate – Not Rated

Cross-Loaded – Not Rated

Ease of Use  VERY EASY

> Easy to open

> can open when loaded (excellent for adding a whoopie sling)

> Big and can fit several ropes & connection points


> Simple design

> CON:  Cannot be opened when loaded

> CON: Limited Space

Potential for Mis-use UNLIKELY

> Auto-locking forces the gate closed and locked

>RISK: Cross loading due to catching on gate but the carabiner is still rated in those situations.


> Gate must be manually closed.  RISK: Strength greatly reduced when open

> RISK: Strength greatly reduced when open which can happen on accident.

> RISK: Not rated in cross-loading or open gate situations.

Versitility HIGH

Steel Carabiners can be used in an endless list of situations from rigging to safety or even rescue.


Works excellent as a fixed connector.   Not opening and closing easily reduces the versitility.  


Built for industrial use, these carabiners can withstand the harshes conditions.


Strong and durable but the screw gate is known to get stuck if over tensioned, exposed to dirt, left open/closed for long periods, etc..

Price $$$$ $

† Calculated based on a 5:1 safety factor

SlacklifeBC Anchor Kits —

Comparing the Carb-Steel Oval Carabiner and the Procraft Steel Quicklink, it is clear they are both excellent anchor connectors.  Extremely strong, durable and perfect for the job but each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Quicklink is lighter than the steel carabiner by over 100g.  A single highline setup consists of a minimum of 2, 4 point anchors.  800g (1.7lbs) of added weight for the Carabiners could make a significant weight difference if the approach is long or involved.

Both connectors are more than strong enough when used properly.  The Steel Carabiner is rated, meeting regulatory requirements, for both open gate and cross-loaded situations – an added plus!

Both the Quicklink and the Steel Carabiner are easy to use as anchor connectors, but the steel carabiner provides much more flexibility and convenience for additional uses where the Quicklink would fall short.   The potential for misuse when using the quicklink is much higher and could have potentially devastating consequences.   I have personally observed quicklinks bent wide open when not properly closed, rigged on a moderate length, low tension line.

Price is always a factor that must be considered.  The quicklink is only a fraction of the cost of the steel carabiner making them much more affordable.

My Conclusion

Both Quicklink and Steel Carabiner and excellent anchor connectors and I would recommend either to anyone.  I feel that the added benefits of the Carb-Steel Triple Auto-locking Carabiner far outweighs the added extra weight.  Ease of use, error protection and versatility make the Steel Carabiner a far superior anchor connector – but at a cost.   Quicklinks are a fraction of the price making them more affordable but have several drawbacks.

You will notice that the higher-end, more expensive SlacklifeBC Anchor kits include the Carb-Steel Carabiners.  Higher end anchor kits include higher-end rope and connectors.

Looking for a different anchor Kit Combo?  Build Your Own!