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  • Alpine Anchor Kit

    USD $ 207.86
    When weight and rigging versatility matters, the Alpine Anchor Kit is the anchor kits for you.   The 20m of 9mm Anchornator rope has a tensile strength of 22.6kN and weighs only 62 g/m.  Combined with 4 quicklinks and a 3 whoopie sling backup kit, the Alpine anchor kit can build any anchor required without any added weight.
  • The Alpine Pro Anchor Kit is extremely lightweight, solid and versatile.   The 8mm Anchor Pro, originally designed for the challenging sandstone canyons of Utah, features 100% Dyneema core protected by a durable cabled, solution dyed polyester sheath providing the strength and durability needed for highlining at only 40 g/m.   Designed to be used as a sliding-x anchor backed up with whoopie slings but equally suited for a BFK, the Alpine Pro Anchor Kit will work in most rigging scenarios.   If you are looking for a lightweight anchor kit, the Alpine Pro is the kit for you.
  • Bomber Anchor Kit

    USD $ 365.95
    The Bomber Anchor Kit will give you the peace of mind no matter what you are rigging.    20m of 9mm Anchornator, 5 CARB Steel Triple Auto-Locker carabiners and 4 Whoopie slings, provide everything you need to set up a bomber 5 point anchor whether it's a BFK or a Sliding-X.   With both rope and carabiners rated for over 30kN, the Bomber BFK Anchor kit is strong enough for even the most intense rigs.   Beginner lines, long lines, tricklines, rope swings and more, get the peace of mind rigging anything with the Bomber Anchor Kit.
  • Level up (3-4)

    From: USD $ 388.64
    Higher, the final step in the SlacklifeBC progression plan journey.  This upgrade provides the last gear needed to complete a full highline setup.  Get ready to test your skills and your nerves as you take your slacklining to the next level.   To complete the upgrade, choose your second piece of webbing to be used as mainline, backup or both.

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