For the 2019 Amazing Race Canada opening episode, once again contestants were faced with a stomach dropping stunt rigged by SlacklifeBC.

Flying head first down a 350m long zipline suspended 70m above a lake in the bottom of an abandon copper mine near Kamloops, BC, contestants had to drop a ball and hit a target floating far below in order to get their next clue.

SlacklifeBC’s crew of 13 was able to successfully install two parallel ziplines on location and provide the Amazing Race Canada’s producers with exactly the shot they were looking for.

Project Details:


Contestants will zipline in ‘super-man’ position across an abandon pit mine and attempt to drop a ball in a hit a target floating in the lake below.


Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada


  • Rig 2 x 350m temporary ziplines across an abandon pit mine with a lake in the bottom
  • Construct floating target
  • Site safety
  • Testing
  • Filming day operations
  • De-rig and return site to original status