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    Whoopie Sling Backup Kit

    From: USD $ 138.87 USD $ 131.93
    A simple, lightweight and reliable anchor backup/individualization kit.   The Whoopie slings and large Soft Shackles can be used any many combinations and in many situations.   Ideal for everything from Individualize your sliding-X anchor to securing your purelock in the park.  Save 5% by ordering as a kit. The whoopie slings and soft shackles are made of high strength orange Powermax UHMWPE
  • Basic BFK Anchor Kit

    USD $ 99.74 USD $ 86.70
    The Basic BFK Anchor Kit is the simplest anchor kit available.  20m of BWII+ 11mm rope and 5 quicklinks make this anchor kit ideal for rigging already established bolted lines.  Strong, durable and affordable, the Basic BFK Anchor kit is excellent for those starting out highlining.
  • When weight starts to matter, the Alpine BFK Kit is the entry level lightweight BFK anchor kits.   The 20m of 9mm Anchornator rope has a tensile strength of 22.6kN and weighs only 62 g/m.  The Alpine BFK kit is strong, lightweight, affordable and ideal for bolted highlines lines that require a hike in. 
  • Alpine Anchor Kit

    USD $ 227.10
    When weight and rigging versatility matters, the Alpine Anchor Kit is the anchor kits for you.   The 20m of 9mm Anchornator rope has a tensile strength of 22.6kN and weighs only 62 g/m.  Combined with 4 quicklinks and a 3 whoopie sling backup kit, the Alpine anchor kit can build any anchor required without any added weight.
  • Basic Anchor Kit

    USD $ 235.54 USD $ 222.50
    The Basic Anchor Kit includes everything you need to build a 4 point highline anchor.  30m of BWII+ 11mm rope provides enough rope to build whatever the anchor requires.  The 3 Whoopie slings and soft shackle make it easy to individualize your anchor points.   Whether the anchor calls for a BFK or a sliding-X, the Basic Anchor kit will do the job!
  • Custom Highline Anchor Kit

    From: USD $ 84.40 USD $ 71.35